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Web Content Writing

All forms of online written content such as blog posts, social media posts, online press releases, and advertorial copies are broadly referred to as web content. They are used to either release breaking news, engage a particular audience, educate the public, or published as part of a content marketing plan.

Writing content for the deep web requires excellent content marketing skills and a good knowledge of SEO and SMO. This makes it easier to relate with your audience properly, build your brand authority, and continuously generate multiple sales leads.

We engage your audience with messages that align with your brand. We tell your brand story with compelling content. We sell your products and services with advertising copies that generate optimum ROI.

Content Marketing Agency in Nigeria

Kopykart Solutions Ltd is a content marketing agency in Nigeria, providing excellent web content for websites and social media. With experienced content marketers who are skilled in search engine optimisation, we develop fantastic content that improves your traffic and conversion. 

Developing Blog Content

As a content marketing agency in Nigeria, we help SMEs build brand authority and engage their online audience through regular blog content. Our blog articles are SEO-focused and consumer-oriented to increase organic website traffic and boost ranking. 

We ensure our content writers stick to our six-step content development approach. This guarantees every blog article we develop for you is one of the best on the internet. For each blog article, we carry out proper research on the topic and keywords. We plan how to structure the content to yield maximum results, and we select the writing style your audience will relate to better.  

Writing Whitepapers

Big brands use whitepapers as a part of a wholesome content marketing strategy to provide value to the customers. The aim is to inform and educate your audience while establishing your authority in your niche. 

We develop whitepapers using an advanced form of technical copywriting. Through competitor and consumer analysis, we identify topics that your audience will appreciate best. We then develop the content using a consumer-focused approach and your brand voice.

Writing E-books

E-books are commonly used in most content marketing plans as a lead magnet. They offer a better way to generate email subscribers, build credibility, and boost website conversion. We develop e-books on selected topics to match your content marketing plan and unique selling proposition. 

Writing Newsletters

Newsletters make up an integral part of most brands’ email marketing campaigns. They are used to relay information about the brand to the subscribers while keeping them adequately engaged. You could cultivate trust and conversion in your prospective clients with well-written newsletters, thereby increasing your email marketing ROI. Our newsletters are conversion-focused and developed to compliment your content marketing sales funnel.

Developing Product Descriptions and Reviews

With excellent product descriptions, you can generate more leads and increase your product pages’ conversion. We combine adequate SEO knowledge, with conversation-style writing and persuasive ability to develop highly-converting product descriptions. We also use well-detailed product reviews and guides to boost your website ranking and traffic.

Content Reselling

Our content reselling services are directed towards SEO, digital marketing, and web development agencies. We take care of the content part of your services to clients, enabling you to focus on the core areas of your work. We keep our content reselling rates low, to match your plan and your client’s budget. 

Get Access to Great Content at Affordable Rates

At Kopykart Solutions, we believe we can push your business to the level it deserves to be at, through great content. We seek to be your content solutions partner, helping you take care of your messages and channels while you grow your brand. 

Our content writing services are kept at affordable rates because we believe every business deserves access to great content. We also encourage partnerships by offering significant discounts for long-term projects. 

Need expert Web Content Writing Services? Take the first huge step. We will cover up for you.

About Us

Kopykart Content Solutions is a copywriting and web content agency made up of top copywriters and content writers from Europe and Africa. We develop compelling copies which are search engine friendly and are guaranteed to greatly improve ROI.

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