Social Media Management

Using social media to enhance business growth isn’t only about having an online business profile. Your online activities need to be planned and structured for growth and better representation. This requires proper social media optimization and management. 

With a good SMO strategy, you could strengthen your brand, make more sales, manage your reputation, and even boost your website’s ranking.

We engage your audience with messages that align with your brand. We tell your brand story with compelling content. We sell your products and services with advertising copies that generate optimum ROI.

Need professional hands on your media pages?

As part of our quest to provide optimal content marketing services to business brands in Nigeria, we manage and optimize social media channels. Our social media management services are geared at building your brand authority, cultivating customer loyalty, and generating better leads. 
Here’s a breakdown of our social media management activities:

Optimizing Profiles

When we take over the management of your social media business handles, we start with a one-time setup that will enable us to optimize your profiles. We create a boilerplate copy for you and also develop a short but compelling business Bio. Then we work on your page navigation and ensure your contact information is clearly visible.

Before we begin optimizing your profiles, we will analyze them and send a proposal detailing what we plan to do and what we recommend. The aim is to make a good first impression on the visitors and make them clearly understand what you offer.

Increasing Following and Engagement

A good way to measure performance is by tracking the increase in following. Social media optimization favours the organic growth of social media followers. We achieve this through social shares and invites gained by publishing valuable content regularly or soliciting for followers.

Our initial proposal and quote will contain a growth/engagement strategy developed specifically for you. We will test it, confirm it works, and refine it with time. We will publish original and curated content on your pages as the plan and calendar dictate to encourage better engagement.

Sharing Original and Curated Content

Publishing great content is the best way to gain organic growth in social media following. It works better when it is done with a plan and a calendar that is followed to the letter.

Our web content writers utilise proper content marketing skills to boost engagement on your pages and build your authority.

Website Copywriting

With proper social media optimisation, we intend to develop a sales funnel that will result in more leads and sales for you. We do this through excellent content marketing spiced with product advertising and good engagement.

While we are working to increase your social following, we also work to convert the extra numbers to prospects and sales.

Online Reputation Management

As your official social media handler, we will also manage your social reputation. We will strive to make sure no harm is done to your brand online. We will do our best to cover any possible damage coming from any third party.

Through the deliberate publishing of content, controlling hashtags, and better engagement, we will have more control of your online reputation.

Tracking and Measuring Results

A social media optimisation campaign is no good if performance cannot be tracked and measured. In the proposal and quote we will present to you; we will state what we can achieve for you within a given duration.

We will also show you metrics for tracking and measuring performance. You can decide to renew or cancel your subscription with us if you feel we performed below expectation.

Your brand is safe with us!

At Kopykart Solutions, we believe we can help your brand get to where it needs to be through proper social media optimisation. Our social media management services are on a subscription basis and very affordable. Contact us today, give your social media presence the needed boost, and watch your online brand grow.