SEO Work and Content Marketing

Client: Designer Appliances

Industry: Home/Kitchen Appliances Retail

Brief: Client wanted to up his website rankings and get more website traffic while providing useful information to his customers and website visitors. The idea was to post two long-form updates weekly for two months and optimize each to rank.

Interpretation, Adaptation, and Result: We created a proper content marketing campaign which was more of brand/product reviews and listed out several product models of each brand. Then we wrote 2000-word length content on each and optimized it around keywords.

Most of the blog posts made it to Ranks 1 and 2 for competitive keywords. The campaign stretched to three months and yielded an average of 1 million website visits weekly plus 500,000 unique subscribers. The content marketing campaign wasn’t entirely responsible for the good SEO results as the site was already well-optimized; but we delivered on our part to aid the rankings.

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Services Rendered: Content Marketing, Web Content Writing, Search Engine Optimisation (Content)

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