Personal Branding and Social Media Management for Iykelion

Client: Mr. Ikenna Eze-Uzomaka

Industry: Life Coaching and Mentorship (Personal Brand)

Brief: Client wanted to dive into coaching and mentorship as part of his 45th birthday celebration. His team contacted us and we had two days to finish the brand strategy and set up the social media accounts.

Interpretation, Adaptation, and Results: We set off working on the brand and setting up the pages, and we managed to beat the deadline even with low budget. Client successfully launched the program on his birthday and contracted us to handle the project for extra two months.  

We were able to get his Facebook and Instagram to 1k followers each in less than six weeks with 12% reach rate and 5% engagement rate on average. Client suspended the program temporarily as the lockdown affected his business. Project is expected to continue March 2021.

Services Rendered: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Story, Social Media Management, Video Marketing.