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Branding covers all forms of marketing and communication strategies that highlight the unique properties of an entity and meant to influence the audience’s actions or reactions. In simple terms, branding distinguishes an individual, product or company from competitors. Branding also cultivates loyalty and increase sales.

Branding requires a good knowledge of human psychology and the ability to create a lasting image in the minds of the audience. 21st Century branding strategies are heavily focused on social media and the deep web. This means your ability to control your online image determines the strength and reach of your brand.

We engage your audience with messages that align with your brand. We tell your brand story with compelling content. We sell your products and services with advertising copies that generate optimum ROI.

Online Branding Agency in Nigeria

Kopykart Solutions Ltd is a copywriting and content marketing agency with expert content developers from across Africa. As part of our web content services, we brand SMEs and individuals, helping them build loyalty and spread their reach.

Our branding services cut through all the main elements of branding. While we actively handle your brand messaging and content, we also partner with expert firms to provide a wholesome branding campaign.

Here are the main elements of a branding campaign:


Your company or product is not considered a brand until you have a visual image – a unique symbol. Symbol as an element of branding covers your brand logo, product shape, unique messaging font, and even brand colour. These contribute to the final image that we project unto the minds of the audience.

We work with our partners to pick the perfect colour and font, which best delivers the message you want to portray. We develop unique and professional logos which create a lasting impression on your audience and also influences loyalty.


Public Relations for brands today is not complete without a website. Your website is a virtual office through which your prospective clients get to learn about you and also contact you. Your website is the centre of your entire online branding campaign and needs professional handling.

Our web development partners have over a decade of experience in designing websites and web applications for corporate brands. Working in sync with them, we maintain streamlined online activities, which will all link back to your responsive website.


Your story is an essential part of your branding campaign. Story as an element of branding covers your brand messages, tagline or catchphrase, web content, TV/radio adverts, and even unique mode of operation. Your story is the hammer that delivers and holds the final image in place.

As a copywriting and content marketing agency, we have trained copywriters who are skilled in the art of storytelling and delivering compelling content. Our content developers are ever-ready to spin regular content for your messaging and campaigns. The agency itself is managed by trained project managers who harness and unite these different elements to produce a consistent and powerful image.

Types of Branding

Here are the types of branding services that we offer:

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is one of the oldest forms of branding. It covers all forms of branding activities that project a specific image for an entire corporation. The idea is to create a name-brand recognition and loyalty that pushes an audience to prefer the corporation over its competition. 

Corporate branding also includes elements of personal, product, and service branding. So, a company with an excellent corporate brand may not need to bother about branding a new product or service. Clients tend to trust and accept a new product automatically when it is associated with a known brand.

Personal Branding

Personal or Individual branding deals with individuals as the entity. People who need personal branding include celebrities, politicians, and individuals who seek to maintain a desired public image. 

Social media is a very crucial aspect of personal branding. It offers a personal platform through which the individual can reach out to the public. Personal branding includes maintaining a consistent and positive image, building brand authority in the field, and online reputation management.

Product Branding

Product branding is utilized by companies to create a lasting image for a product and to generate more sales. Product branding is the one specific reason why people tend to prefer a product over similar alternatives. It is vital for products which are the first of their kind or have many alternatives.

Service Branding

Service branding is very similar to product branding.  But unlike product branding, it focuses on the customer and how they see the company’s services. 

Service branding is all about painting a unique customer service image that makes clients want to use your services again. Service branding campaigns focus on highlighting the unique customer service and building customer loyalty around it.

Geographical Branding

Geographical Branding is mostly applied in the tourism industry. Geographical branding aims to highlight the unique selling point of a specific place or region. When done very well, geographical branding attracts more visitors to the area and increases business prospects.

Most geographical branding campaigns focus on generating hype around the food, climate, or history of the region. Branding messages can also be built around a particular inspiring theme or catchphrase with great memory value.

Give Your Brand an Explosive Image

As a web content agency with expert content developers, Kopykart Solutions will give your brand story the spark it needs to come alive. Our partnership with top firms allows us to give your brand a wholesome outlook meant to cultivate loyalty, trust, and more sales. 

Need to build an explosive branding campaign for your election, product, or service? Let Kopykart Solutions give you that desired image today!

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Kopykart Content Solutions is a copywriting and web content agency made up of top copywriters and content writers from Europe and Africa. We develop compelling copies which are search engine friendly and are guaranteed to greatly improve ROI.

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