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About Us

Who We Are

Who We Are

Kopykart Creative Solutions is a copywriting and web content agency made up of top copywriters and content writers from Europe and Africa. We are based in Nigeria and cover both English-speaking and French-speaking countries in the continent. Our expert copywriters have years of experience working for top web content and copywriting agencies in US, UK, Canada, and France.

We develop compelling copies which are search engine friendly and are guaranteed to greatly improve ROI. We also contribute greatly to your content marketing by delivering well-researched and reader-friendly blog posts. If you need to partner with a copywriting agency in Nigeria, the team of copywriters at Kopykart Solutions are ever-ready to help you boost your conversion.


Our Story

Our Story

Kopykart Solutions was born out of the need to help SMEs and growing companies make proper use of the internet. We observed that most companies across Africa are yet to realize how search engines and proper web content can boost their brands. We believe your brand will reach great heights and achieve maximum ROI with such quality copywriting as Kopykart offers.

Kopykart as a brand name represents the idea that content marketing is a long-term project requiring planned and deliberate investment. We hope to form a long-term business partnership that will see us continue to take care of your content needs while you focus on making your brand better. Our content services also are a form of investment into the growth of your business and brand, hence our low prices.

Our Mission

At Kopykart Solutions, we are constantly working to be the number one content and copywriting agency in Africa. We also plan to ensure SMEs and startups across the continent have access to quality web content. While we are working on our company goal, we are also reaching out to growing brands in Africa and helping them become global players.

Our Philosophy

We believe that African startups and brand deserve the same brand awareness and better reach as foreign firms. We believe you can surpass that height when you partner with us. We will go the extra mile to deliver compelling copies and quality content to get you there. As your partner, we will stand beside you and be your stepping stone to greatness.

“We only win when you win!”

Our Services

Our Services

Landing Pages

Kopykart Solutions makes use of a solid six-step process to develop SEO copies guaranteed to boost ROI. Our writers are specially trained to optimize website content for search engines while maintaining its persuasive value.

Ads/Email Copies

Our copywriters, armed with proper research and SEO tools, are always set to deliver short and technical copies in record time. We also develop persuasive email copies that convert your subscribers to customers.

Press Releases

We at Kopykart utilize tested and proven templates to develop catching press releases. Our boilerplate copies also capture your brand story and journey in a way that establishes your authority in the niche.

Social Media Mgt

As part of our resolve to help you reach your target audience, we also offer expert social media management services. This gives us the avenue to drive sales through proper social media optimization and ads. Our main goal is to enable SMEs to make the most out of our copies through solid content delivery.

Regular Blog Content

We help you establish brand authority in your field with regular blog content. We develop a proper content marketing strategy and campaign for you too. This strengthens your online marketing efforts and also builds trust.

White Papers

Our technical writers utilize proper research, long-form content and business writing style to develop whitepapers on chosen topics. We aim to provide value to your readers while helping you establish your authority in your niche.

Content Reselling

Our content reseller service is targeted at SEO and website designing agencies seeking to provide quality SEO content for their clients. We handle the extra workload while you focus on the core aspects of your business. Our web copies and content are guaranteed to meet your client’s SEO and online advertising requirements.

Our Content and Copy Development Process

Our Content

Kopykart Content Solutions maintains a wholesome six-step process in copy and content development. The well-defined steps are strictly adhered to and serve as a check to ensure our copies and website content are of top quality. Here is a breakdown of what we do in each step of the development process.


Good research is the backbone and foundation of a great copy. Before we begin each copy or new web content, we conduct proper research into the niche, market and product or service. Under the research stage, we also conduct competitor analysis, keyword research, and buyer persona identification. Armed with results from our research, we can create copies bound to generate good ROI.


The content delivery stage is properly utilized in email copywriting and social media management. Here we take care of channel management, engagement, scheduling content, and also delivering other forms of copy to clients.


The second stage in our copy and content development process is the Plan. Under this stage, we define our strategy, voice, writing style, key message, and expected results. With proper planning, we identify the best ways to deliver copy and content for optimum results.


With proper analysis, your online marketing strategy can be refined to produce maximum results. This we do through Social Media Analytics and careful study of Google Analytics results.


This stage covers the actual copywriting and web content creation. We incorporate the keywords and key message already identified. We also proofread the copies, carry out fact-checking, and conduct random surveys to test the effectiveness of the key messages.


From the results of the analysis in the last stage, we carefully refine our copies to meet up with current online marketing requirements. The goal of this stage and the overall goal of the process is to have the best content and copy on the internet.

Our Fee Structure

Our regular blog content and website copy cost $0.03 per word and $0.05 per word respectively. Sensitive copies and content requiring technical writing are special projects with special copy rates. For projects requiring bulk content and for our long-standing partners, we offer significant discounts. Our low prices are aimed at encouraging long-term partnership with us. We will be able to offer you a definite quote when we get the project details and requirements.

The Way Forward

You stand to gain better conversion and maximize your online advertising ROI when you partner with us. We deliver actionable copy and great content which boosts traffic, helps you build brand authority, and leads to more sales. With Kopykart Solutions as your content marketing and copywriting partner, your brand is well on its way to the global stage

About Us

Kopykart Content Solutions is a copywriting and web content agency made up of top copywriters and content writers from Europe and Africa. We develop compelling copies which are search engine friendly and are guaranteed to greatly improve ROI.

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